2017 Cannes Film Festival Escorts

For a weeks every year in (usually May), High Class Cannes Film Festival Escorts from France, Spain, Italy and beyond flock to the Cannes Film Festival. With so many Model Escorts in one location the competition between Escorts is fierce and you can’t go anywhere without seeing these stunning ladies of the night parading around in hotel lobbies, marinas, clubs and restaurants in their high end fashion.

Cannes Film Festival Escorts

Of course, the highest paid escorts barely have to lift a finger. They have prearranged “dates” that will even take them out of the bedroom and into the A-List party scene. These select few are known for making $40,000 a night. The great news for the others is the lowest pay during the festivities is around $4,000 a night, which still makes for a pretty luxurious bank account.

White Pearl Models available in Cannes 2017

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